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News, resources, and discussions about the topics facing veterans today.

Episode Notes

Getting out of the military is nothing short of complete culture shock. The team atmosphere is largely gone. You no longer have that tribe that you know will back you up night or day. And there's no one to call for help at a moment's notice. Between that and the constantly changing landscape of VA benefits and other tools and support out there, it's tough to know where to begin. 

With that said - Welcome to the Veteran Podcast! Two long time friends and Army veterans who served together in Iraq started this podcast with a single focus in mind. The veteran and providing something that's valuable, educational, and of course entertaining. To be a part of your veteran tribe. Joe and Jimmy and will not only be sharing the latest news that pertains to benefits and services, but also share tips on navigating the system, personal experiences, dealing with PTSD, mental health and transition,  and the hottest veteran-related topic of the week. We are also planning on bringing on special subject-matter experts as guests and of course other veterans with a story to tell. If you belong to a veteran nonprofit and would like to be featured, reach out!

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